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Ivan & Gregor

In the Simonič family, viticulture is a tradition of several generations. In the late 1990s, Ivan Simonič decided to focus on sparkling wine production and became the first private sparkling wine producer in Bela Krajina. Thus, in 2000, our first sparkling wine named Semiška penina was born. In 2001, this sparkling wine won a gold medal at the Gornja Radgona Fair with a score of 18.53 points and won second place among sparkling wines. This excellent endorsement gave us momentum to further develop our sparkling wines. Thus, the number of bottles produced has increased every year, as is the selection of sparkling wine, which now comprises 9 different varieties.

Ivan & Gregor

The Simonič vineyards are located in the Bela krajina wine-growing district, in Semič, in the area of a small village named Črešnjevec and the hill above Semič. These sunny locations, along with the quality of the soil, make it perfect for sparkling wine. The vineyards are planted with varieties of Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Welsch Riesling, Sauvignon blanc and Blaufränkisch. All sparkling wines are produced exclusively by the classical method, with the second fermentation in the bottle. Sparkling wine matures in the bottle from 18 months on.