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Poseidon Amphora 0.75l, wooden gift box

Poseidon Amphora 0.75l, wooden gift box

Price 140€

Method of production: classical method with aging under the sea

Alcohol: 12.0% vol

Residual sugar: sec 8.0 g/l

Total acids: 7.5 g/l

Time spent aging on lees: at least 30 months ( of that at least 12 under the sea)

Variety composition:

80% Chardonnay

20% Welsch Riesling

After the second fermentation in the bottle, the wine matured in the Adriatic Sea at a depth of 30 meters at a constant temperature of 12-13 ° C, which leaves its mark on the aroma and freshness of the sparkling wine. Each bottle is a unique piece of art of the sea, so it is served on special occasions because of the taste and appearance of the bottles. Each sparkling wine bottle is enclosed with a handmade clay amphora around it. Complemented with a hand forged stand so the amphora can stand upright and a wooden gift box.