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Jantarna sparkling wine 0.75l

Jantarna sparkling wine 0.75l

Price 9€

Method of production: classical method

Alcohol: 12.0% vol

Residual sugar: sec 25.0 g/l

Total acids: 5.5 g/l

Time spent aging on lees: at least 18 months

Variety composition:

60% Chardonnay

40% Welsch Riesling

Jantar means amber in slovene. Jantarna sparkling wine is a flavored drink based on sparkling wine. The added liqueur made from young spruce buds, gives it a special aroma. It is the first of its kind in Slovenia. It is distinguished by its strong fruity and rich long aftertaste of spruce buds. It is served at a temperature of about 8 ° C. It goes well with sweeter dishes like jam pancakes.